About us


Association for Development of Children and Youth – Open Club was founded by a group of eminent experts and university professors in 1996 and since then, it has continuously been working with children and youth on local, regional national and international level. The mission of our organization is to create equal possibilities for development of children and youth by affirming the differences and strengthening the youth for active and responsible participation in a community. The vision of our organization is that all children have equal possibilities for development and as active and responsible citizens they participate in democratic society that nourishes tolerance, intercultural relations and solidarity.

In accordance with this, we have defined the areas of work
• Education of children and youth and development of their social skills
• Reinforcement and inclusion of marginalized groups of children and youth
• Strengthening internal capacities and capacities of other CSOs in Serbia – networking and international cooperation

Open club has been implementing projects supporting development of civil society through networking and has been developing programs to strengthen the capacity of organizations, to establish channels of communication with government bodies, advocacy for the advancement of the legal and financial framework for civil society, monitoring and support of the associate organizations. Our organization was involved in a number of initiatives that aimed at greater involvement of civil society organizations in the process of formulating public policies, policy analysis and their implementation and advocacy. Up to now, our organisation had very positive experience in implementation of projects regarding evaluation and monitoring process, especially working in partnership with other organisations. We have also established cooperation with the experts in the field of social policy and education in the country and abroad.

Open Club is a member of several national networks (FENS – Federation of CSOs of Serbia, KOMS – National Youth Council of Serbia, Network of CSOs for Children of Serbia – MODS, Living Together, SEKO, Anty Poverty Network Serbia – APNS) and one international (EuroChild from Brussels), one of the founders of the National Association of Youth Workers (NAPOR) and has good cooperation with a number of CSOs, local authorities and institutions.

Our organisation is founder of the National Network of Civil Society Organisations for Children of Serbia – MODS which gathers 95 organisations from Serbia.

The organization has its Members’ Assembly, Steering Committee and Executive director and teams for education, psycho-social support and advocacy. Human resources include: 6 employees, at the average 10-20 engaged experts on project bases and around 40 volunteers.