Story telling workshop

Regional Story-telling workshop was held in Nis in period 11th - 13th of May 2015, with presence of 18 participants, national network members from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. The workshop was aimed at pointing the right usage of storytelling in a strategic way, by articulating clear goals, understanding the interests and motivations of target audiences and setting measurable objectives. Through theoretical and practical work, workshop participants increased their knowledge on understanding how a good story can be created and conveyed, what instruments are needed to create personal and professional narratives that can be easily understood by the expert and non-expert public, how to build and audience and collect stories that can be helpful for advocacy and how to be able to act as a jury member in the subsequent national storytelling contest to be organized in each partner country. Through readings and presentations of theoretical framework of storytelling, participants got familiar with the process of finding, documenting and doing a story, building authentic characters, transforming the data into a story, storytelling contest evaluation. Through individual activities participants were engaged with the material that helped them to correlate the provided concepts with professional and personal issues. The participants were stimulated to find and express connections between theory and practice, as following: writing a personal bio, writing the presentation of the organization they are part of, find story subjects within the professional work field. During the workshop national network representatives have developed framework for National Storytelling Contest that will be opened in each country after the workshop.

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