Story telling workshop

Two day Social media workshop was organized in each of 5 project countries in period June - September 2015 (Serbia, Nis, Open Club facilities, 4th - 5th June 2015, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zenica, Hotel “Dubrovnik”, 22nd - 23rd June 2015, Albania, Tirana, Hotel “Mondial”, 14th -15th July 2015, Montenegro, Podgorica, Hotel “Premier, 15th -16th June 2015, Kosovo, Pristine, Hotel “Amazona”, 22nd - 23rd September 2015). In each country 20 participants, members of National network were present at the workshop that was organized with the goal to enable the networks and their members to better reach their audiences and better influence their political representatives and public servants. The training was also aimed at reducing of potential costs and helping CSO workers and activists to boost the visibility of their work and visibility of target groups, with who and for who they work. Through two day work participants got familiar with following topics: importance of social networks, most useful social networks for CSOs work, use of digital strategies in CSOs work, strategies for increased visibility of organizations, strategies for implementation of the campaign, analysis of each social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in relation to specific needs of organization. Participants also had opportunity to define their target groups on internet, evaluate their websites and social networks and go through concrete examples of successful social media usage.

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