Peer Workshops

Series of 8 peer workshops were conducted in period mid-September - November 2017 in project countries. Workshops were led by peer educators who were educated at the training for peer educators in Zlatar, Serbia. Using the guidelines and scenarios, they have conducted 8 workshops with their peer in Tirana, Zenica, Podgorica, Niš and Pristine.

Peer workshops were aimed to increase the capacity of participants about the concept of human and child rights and to understand the policies for child protection. After getting familiar with general concepts of child and human rights, participants went through each 90 minutes workshop, on the following topics: child and human rights, position of minorities and vulnerable social groups, discrimination, participation, education, advocacy, action planning and monitoring of policies.

It is planned that young people engaged in the workshops will continue their engagement within the action in 2018, as they will participate in making of the recommendations that will submitted to the European Commission for the preparation of their report on the progress of each of the five countries covered by this action.

In total 113 young people were engaged in this activity on project level, 20 peer educators and 93 workshop participants.

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