National presentations of recommendations in the field of child rights

National recommendations were presented at the event organized in each project country. Those events were used for presentation of the recommendations and presentation of the brochure “State of Child Rights in the Western Balkans”. Besides presentation part, events were used for discussion regarding the child rights and child protection in each project country. It was discussed about the current situation in the field and most relevant issues, states efforts in the field and potential actions for improvement. Furthermore, information from the brochure offered possibility for comparison of recommendations developed in the region and insight in specific issues in each project country, allowing identification of common regional issues and problems that should be tackled in the future. National events organized in Tirana, Zenica, Podgorica, Niš and Pristine has gathered 94 relevant stakeholders, including: representatives of CSOs, public authorities and institutions, international organizations and experts in the field of social protection and child rights.

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