National CPI trainnigs

Given the importance of the Index as a tool that provides insight into the development of the child protection system and comparisons on a regional level, CPI wasintroducedto CSOs members of the national networks in the Western Balkans. CPI was presented at National CPI trainings in BiH (on June 9, 2016; with 16 participants), Kosovo (on June 8, 2016; with 21 participant), Montenegro (on July 6, 2016; with 12 participants) and Serbia (on May 13, 2016; with 15 participants), while training in Albania will be organized in forcoming period. Since Index is designed to equip local civil society organizations to undertake evidence based advocacy and improve country’s child protection system, it attracted interest among civil society dealing with child and youth protection. Implementation of national trainings has contributed tostrengthenig of national networks in project countruies and improved their capacity for advocacy, monitoring of the policy implementation and enabled them with knoledge on how to improve the existing evidence using public policy for the protection of children.

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