Story telling workshop

National contest for short stories within “Young With A Voice” in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia is now opened.

The main characters of the story should be children and young people who are excluded from the community life in various ways, who are on the margins of society, who are exposed to poverty, discrimination and violence, who don't have access to quality education, to social and health protection. Some of those characters live and work on street, some of them are far away from home, separated from their parents, while some of them are going to school with us, or not, but they could. Although they are here, around us, with us, most of them are invisible, without chance that their voice can be heard. And they could tell their story and tell us lot about themselves, about ourselves as well, about the world we altogether live in. Please, take part and share with us one little piece of those untold stories.

Terms of the contest:

The story has to be true, but character/s name in story may be changed.

If the story enters final selection, it is necessary that author documents the truthfulness of the story and obtain written consent from the character/s.

The story should have up to 1.000 words and should be written in Times New Roman font size 12.

The story should be sent in electronic format at the e-mail address: (for example:, for Serbia).

Contest is opened until 30th of August 2015.

Best story will be rewarded with the amount of 100 euros.

Contest is opened within the EU funded project "Young With a Voice" that is implemented by the Association for Development of Children and Youth - Open Club from Serbia in partnership with networks or network representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, on behalf of Child Pact.

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