Meeting of project partners in Nis

Project partners, representatives of the Open Club and MODS from Serbia, KOMF from Kosovo, “Nasa djeca Zenica” from BiH and “Children first” from Montenegro have gathered in Nis (Hotel “RileMen”), Serbia in period February 27th - March 1st 2017, to discuss planned project activitiesand roles of each partner in next project phase in 2017, agree upon the project implementation plan and timeframe and to sign mutual Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) for project continuation.

Meeting has started on February 27th 2017 and morning session of the meeting was used as an opportunity to present advocacy campaign process and results achieved in each project country in previous project phase in 2016 and to discuss following steps in regard to action aimed at simplifying of cumbersome institutional and administrative procedures related to selected topics that each partner dealt with during the national advocacy campaign.
During the afternoon session through opened and constructive discussion all sides have agreed upon the project activities implementation plan and related timeframe. All activities were analyzed in details and discussed thoroughly so that each partner can have clear picture in regard to roles, responsibilities and expected results, outputs and outcomes of the action at both, national and regional level. Afternoon session was also used for detail analysis of the project budget and finances and for discussion about the planned costs, payments, VAT exemption procedures, etc. 

Morning session on March 1st 2017 has started with recap of the previous work day and was continued by discussion regarding narrative and financial reporting dynamics, reporting validation materials and financial supporting documents. After all the details were defined and agreed upon, MoUs were reviewed and signed by all project partners.

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