Final regional meeting

Final regional meetingwas organized in Belgrade, Serbia on November 29th and 30th 2017. The general idea of the meeting was to present and discuss the current state of child rights and child protection in the project countries and Western Balkans region and to present and discuss position of migrant children and children living and working in the street, as two very relevant topics in the region. Furthermore, the meeting was used to discuss and identify mechanisms for influence relevant institutions and bodies at the European level, develop regional recommendation and joint action strategy for the future.

Meeting was launched by opening remarks and introduction by OlgicaBajic, Open Club Director and SasaStefanovic MODS director. After the opening part, state of child rights in the region was presented. In accordance, Zini Kore has presented the current state in Albania, Ira Raković has presented state in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marina Lutovac presented state in Montenegro, DonjeteKelementi presented current state in Kosovo and SlavicaMilijević presented state in Serbia.

After the presentation on situation regarding the child rights and general position of children in project countries, Maja Terzićfrom CSO Praxis gave in depth review and information about children migrants in Western Balkans on the migrants’ route, while Marko Tošić from Center for Integration of Youth talked about children living and working in the street.

One plenary session was aimed at discussion on mechanisms for influence on relevant institutions and bodies at European level were identified and work on development of most relevant regional recommendations has started. During the meeting key points were identified and after the meeting official document with ChildPact contribution to the EU enlargement package was developed including regional and national recommendations from the final meeting. Developed document was sent to relevant EU representatives and European and regional stakeholders. Final session of the meeting was used for development of the strategy outline for joint action of all regional and national actors. Joint strategy was finalized after the meeting by ChildPact secretariat.

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