Final Project Conference held in Belgrade

The Final Project Conference was organized in Belgrade in Hotel “Palace” in period on 7thNovember. The conference was attended by 35 participants, including, project partners, ChildPact secretary and Steering Committee members, regional CSOs, international organizations and public institutions. The conference was launched by opening remaks of OlgicaBebaBajić project manager and director of the Association for Development of Children and Youth - Open Club and SašaStefanović director of the National Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia (MODS). After the introductory part of the conference, current state of child rights in the project counties was presented by the national networks representatives.

Mirjana Džuverović from National Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia (MODS) presented situation in Serbia, SoelaKothejra from All Together for Holistic Care of Children (BKTF) presented situation in Albania, ErnadBihorac from Our Children Zenica presented situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and JelenaGluščević from Children First presented the situation in Montenegro. After the presentation part, the discussion was opened and through constructive dialogue, common issues were identified and relevant input for development of Policy Statement was collected.

Following part of the conference was focused on process of deinstitutionalization in the region in perspective of the EU integrations. This area was emphasized as important and very relevant at the moment by the national networks and ChildPact within the monitoring and recommendations development process. In accordance, Danka Đukić, has presented regional “Opening Doors” campaign and Lazar Stefanović from MDRI-S has presented Deinstitutionalization in perspective of the EU integrations. This part of conference was followed by the discussion - right to family, as a basic right of children.

Final part of the conference was allocated for presentation of national recommendations from project countries, including recommendations from adults and children. During the final part of the conference, plenary session was organized gathering conference participants together with group of children who were participating at the Youth conference organized in Belgrade and supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

That was good opportunity for relevant regional and national actors to hear directly from children about the issues they recognize as important and hear their voice and recommendations. Last session was used for summing up the collected input and define common regional issues - that will be used for development of regional Policy statement after the conference.

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