Development of national recommendations in project countries






Each national network engaged in the project has organized internal consultation process within the network to collect relevant input from civil society organizations working with and for children. Based on collected input, recommendations were developed with the aim that issue of child protection is more in the focus of the European Commission while drafting national progress reports for each country and that greater attention is devoted to the importance of advancing the rights and status of children for the future of every country. The whole process addressed issues related to particular groups of children, such as better social services for children with disabilities and mental disabilities, housing of children without parental care in foster families or procedure of adoption, improvement of social services and their monitoring by the state organs, etc.

In Albania, recommendations were aimed at: amendments in constitution regarding the children, new law on the Rights of the Child, juvenile justice legal framework and psychologists and social workers’ role. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, recommendations were focused on: National action plan for children, children with disabilities, funds for the realization of the child rights and Violence against children.

In Montenegro, special focus was on: inadequate implementation of national legislation, cooperation between relevant ministries and coordination of relevant policies, National action plan for children, protection of children from physical punishment, children with disabilities and prevention of economic exploitation, including child labour.

In Kosovo recommendations have emphasized: general right of the child, integration of children with disabilities, social protection of children, public health policy and education.

In Serbia, recommendations were focused on: lack of framework for child rights protection, protection of children from violence, access to quality education for children from vulnerable groups and dropout, children in risk of poverty, children in institutions of residential care and provision of community-based services at the local level.

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