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During many years of its existence and work, the Association for the Development of Children and Youth - Open Club from Niš implemented a number of projects aimed at improving the situation of children and young people at regional, national and international level, either through educational activities and psychosocial support, or through organizing campaigns and activities for empowerment of children and young people or by advocating for the realization of their rights. The overall goal of these activities is to create equal opportunities for the development of children and youth by affirmation of democratic values and empowerment of youth for active and responsible participation in the community.

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Association for the Development of Children and Youth - OPEN CLUB, is the organization from Niš that was founded in 1996 and until the beginning of 2011 it was known as the Association for the Protection and Promotion of Mental Health of Children and Youth. Open club implements a number of projects and programs for children and youth.

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Youth Network, as a program of Open Club, has been developed in parallel with the implementation of the project “Living Together”. Going beyond the framework of the project, a group of young activists, with the support of their youth leaders, began to self-develop a program of activities which eventually became one of the most important programs of the organization.

Network of CSOs for Children of Serbia – MODS is an informal network of organizations dealing with children and was formed in August 2010. Secretariat for technical support to civil society organizations for children in Serbia is located in the premises of the Open Club in Niš. The network currently has 83 members that have adopted a common platform, statute and development strategy. The work of the network is directed by the Coordinating Board of MODS which has 7 members.